The purpose of this study is to explore how signage and mobile app provide the user with a reliable resource to guide them through the store. Walmart, as a case study, used a survey completed by the consumer for evaluating their satisfactory level of overall shopping experience. This survey included many questions regarding the customer’s opinion on how easy it was to find products within the store and the amount of time spent waiting in line to check out. The study was focused on a major improvement that was needed and requested by the consumers. The Walmart app or NaviGuide is designed to be user-friendly to the customers in locating the different departments within the store. This app would be used in conjunction with the signage in the store. The app has a complete detailed map showing all the departments along with a color-coded system to help a person find what they are looking for versus wandering around the store. With this survey, a prototype has been developed through wireframe sketch and refined through the helpful feedback from peers. This app is expected to provide consumers with a better shopping experience even before they arrive at the store.